10 Video Games That Forced You To Die


10 Video Games That Forced You To Die
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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Main character Talion is destroyed at the start of the game, part of Sauron’s plan to bind the spirit of Celebrimbor

Red Dead Redemption
Die near the end of the game. The point of the game is that you are sent by the government to end your old gang members, only to be gunned down by the government afterwards. Aint that a boi and a half. The final act of the game is you playing as John’s son and getting revenge.

The Walking Dead: Season 1
You play as Lee Everret and spend the whole game protecting a young girl named Clementine. During the course of the game Lee is bitten by a walker and Clementine has the choice between leaving him alone to his fate or shooting him so he doesn’t turn.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Nuke Scene, Character Jackson perishes.

L. A. Noire
Main character Cole Phelps dies at the end, due to a rush of water in the sewers. So much for a funeral.

Mass Effects 3
Really good for a rant, but all three endings in mass effect 3 requires Shepard to die. No matter what choices you’ve made, no matter what paths you took up till this point, the game doesn’t care. Shepard dies.

Shadow of the Colossus
At the end you are killed by a noble called Emon, then possessed by a demon called Dormin, which is then consumed by light. I mean your love interest wakesup afterwards and finds a baby with horns, but the game isn’t clear on if that’s you or Dormin, or something else entirely. At least you get to be a giant shadow demon for a few minutes. That’s pretty cool.

Halo Reach
Main characters is given an ending where they stay behind on a planet and die facing off against the covenant forces. Basically you fight on until you keel over.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
On the journey to save their father, big brother gets bitten by a deadly spider. Younger brother goes to a magical tree to get water but by the time he gets back big brother has already died from his wounds.

Crisis Core- Final FantasyVII
Zack Fair, a friend of Cloud Strife, fights the government and is ended just before reach Midgar.

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