4 REAL Scary Skinwalker Encounter Horror Stories

These 4 real skinwalker stories are all pretty much saying the same thing. Skinwalkers look like dogs that have rotting flesh and make odd, scary sounds. Skinwalkers may or may not be real, but when you have several people who have never met tell you the same thing, it’s hard to deny. These are real experiences from real people. If you catch something in the story that doesn’t click with you, comment it below and discuss why you think what you caught makes the story not true. Let’s have some fun with this. If you have a terrifying story you would like to tell, please send it to ozyllewellyn@gmail.com.

Ozy The Myth:

The Stories:
Story 1:
Story 2:
Story 3:
Story 4:

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Could even death be afraid of itself? That’s only for the other side to know and us to find out.

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