5 Lion King Theories That Change Everything


These Lion King Theories Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew!
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It’s the circle of life for Hollywood. Great movies are released, then fans overanalyze the movies and come up with wild fan theories. “The Lion King” is no different. This classic Disney hit has been in our hearts for decades. But these fan theories will have you looking at things a little differently. In fact, if these theories are true, it changes everything! What if the drought wasn’t a coincidence? What if Scar isn’t really the bad guy? And are all those lions really related? We take a look at five theories about “The Lion King” that will leave you shook! We are so excited about the new “Lion King” movie that will release later in 2019. We wonder if any of these theories will be addressed in the new movie. For now, watch this video and prepare to have your mind blown. And for more awesome videos, be sure to subscribe to TheThings.

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