Best Elsa Anna Disney Princess & Barbie Dolls Videos! Beach Airplane Baby Sitter +Camper Van!

Best Elsa Anna Disney Princess & Barbie Dolls videos! Beach Vacation Airplane Pet Shop Puppy Bath Time Baby Sitter Picnic Hair Disaster +Camper Van!

Watch our favourite Elsa Anna Disney Princess and Barbie Dolls episodes/ mini movies! This is a compilation of our favourite and most popular dolls stories from our fun Toy Tastic playlist! Including:

Baby Sitter! Barbie Babysitting Elsa & Anna! Change Nappy, Feed Baby Toilet Disaster & Make up Mess!
Frozen’s Elsa and Anna take their girls to Barbie’s Baby sitting Club house! Annie does not want to go in and has a major tantrum! Little Elsa helps Barbie change the baby’s diaper! Don’t touch the toilet Toddler Anna! Young Anna puts toys in the toilet! The baby has made a smelly poop but don’t worry Barbie is the Best Baby Sitter in town and sort everything out! Little Elsa wets her pants when she finds toys in the toilet what a disaster! Barbie gives Elsa new clothes and they dress up! Then Anna puts lipstick on her face in another makeup disaster! Barbie lets them help feed the little cute baby!

BEACH! Sandcastles +Ice cream! Elsa & Anna at the Beach! Swimming, Eating, Playing with Sand!
Elsa and Anna have taken their toddlers on a Beach vacation! They are going to have so much fun swimming, building sand castles and eating sandwiches in their seaside picnic! The Elsa and Anna toddlers also meet a secret Barbie Mermaid who helps them when they get in trouble! Watch this Frozen Dolls movie to find out what they get up to!

Airplane! Elsa & Anna board Barbie’s Glam Jet! Frozen Dolls go on Vacation! Aeroplane Adventure!
Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna are going on vacation on an airplane for the first time! Anna is busy packing her clothes and Elsa has got the passports ready! They don’t want to be late! Will they arrive on time for their flight on Barbie airlines Glam Jet Airplane?! Barbie is the pilot of her fabulous dream airliner and her assistant Sebastian is air hosting the Frozen sisters of Arendelle! Will Anna get airsick in the airplane? Will they get the seats they want by the window? Will they get scared from the turbulance? What will they have on board for their on flight meal? Watch this fun Frozen dolls Elsa and Anna doll story with Barbie to find out!

Pet Shop! Elsa & Anna buy a new Puppy at Barbie’s Pet Shop! Doggy Bubble Bath + Cute Kittens! Frozen Dolls movie
Frozen Elsa and Anna visit the new Pet Shop at Barbie’s Malibu Mall! They see puppies and kittens and want to buy them all! Elsie falls in love with an adorable poodle and begs her mummy to get him! Annie eats a dog biscuit and barks at the animals she also chases a kitten and wants to buy a toy that’s meant for the pets! The Barbie pet assistant gives Elsa’s new pet a special doggy bubble bath with Poodle Shampoo!

Elsa & Anna toddlers! Bedtime Brushing teeth and Bathtime +Doggy Toilet Disaster! – Doggy flushes the toilet! Don’t touch the toilet!
Anna and Elsa Toddlers are getting ready for bedtime, they are having fun brushing their teeth and getting ready to go to the toilet when their Doggy makes a bathroom disaster! The Doggy even flushes the toilet when little Anna tells him Don’t touch the toilet! How will they clean up the mess and what will happen when their mummy comes back!?

Camper! Elsa’s barbecue! Picnic S’mores Horseriding! Elsa & Anna take girls camping in Barbie’s deluxe Camper Van!
Camping! Elsa and Anna are taking their girls to the country in their new deluxe Barbie Camper Van! They have been driving their RV for ages and are so excited to arrive! It’s Elsie and Annie’s first time camping ever and they want to have lots of fun playing eating and sleeping in their fab new camper van! There’s lots to do including collecting firewood making breakfast jumping on the bed watching TV grilling on their barbecue eating hot dogs burgers drinking fizzy pop tasting marshmallows making s’mores! But the Frozen girls didn’t plan to go horse riding and are surprised to see a horse at their breakfast table the next morning! Watch this fun camper van dolls episode in English and stay tuned for our next exciting Barbie Camper Van mini movie!

Disney Princesses Picnic! Rapunzel Hair disaster w/ Real Food, Hairstyles Makeover Full Mini Movie
The Disney princesses are enjoying there lovely picnic when disaster strikes for Rapunzel who has a date with Flynn! They love nothing more than eating delicious pies and sandwiches at their picnic, but naughty Abu can’t help but cause trouble for Jasmine and Rapunzel. What does Abu get up to and will Rapunzel get un tangled from her hair disaster to make it in time for her date tonight with Flynn Rider?!

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