Best Fails This Week 5 | AFV Funniest Fail Videos



Fails happen to the best of us… as all ages and in all places! Here are the BEST fails this week! Check out these hilarious fail videos from AFV! Remember to keep those cameras safely rolling!

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America’s Funniest Home Videos

  1. Ava Aversano
  2. none none
  3. Patti Breton
  4. Zack Eli
  5. The Great Calvero
  6. shygirl vids
  7. Salam music Tajikistan السلام الموسيقى طاجيكستان
  8. Strawberry Flavored Clorox Bleach
  9. Matthew Quintero
  10. Mathhew Eaton
  11. KB Flash
  12. Maria Panetta
  13. {Memes_l0l }
  14. pcwkid76
  15. I love Lauren Godwin!
  16. Cute Wufe
  17. Jose Luis Marin
  18. Ali Vlogs
  19. Joselyn Mojica
  20. voldfield
  21. Shlomiri Goldstein
  22. Isabelle Figueira
  23. Gamer Diego
  24. Jesse Donahue
  25. Rudy c
  26. Firebourn94
  27. CooL FuNs
  28. Ânyà Štár ✨
  29. NothingIsImposible09
  30. Talia Duarte
  31. M /Best Video
  32. Andrew Brooking
  33. TOHmaster
  34. Postal10 the
  35. Imtiaz Ahmed
  36. Sardhi
  37. VHSMaster123
  38. Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987
  39. Official CPVegas
  40. Trinity Raively
  41. Baseball Broham
  42. Rae The Gymnast