Fails Every Week! – OCTOBER Week 4 – 2017 | The Best Fails Viral Vine Fail Compilation



FAILS EVERY WEEK for OCTOBER 2017. Weekly selection includes Broken windows, trampoline flip fails, dancing missteps, BMX crashes, hockey puck ups, kids falling on their faces, slip and slide slams, dad fails, prank fails, kid fails, girl fails, accident outtakes and funny moments caught on camera pranks gone wrong and more!

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The Best Fails

  1. calevera riffed
  2. PerfectlyVines
  3. Fail Compilation Academy
  4. Maite CNCO
  5. Krimson 1798
  6. Cat Bird
  7. ozza26
  8. Игровой Канал -FunPlay-
  9. Patate Masqué
  10. Rebel Trojan
  11. steve yeltsen
  12. GreenTea
  13. john Baldock
  14. S Cooper
  15. Burnot220
  16. Travis Dezellem
  17. cic5
  18. memadman
  19. LivingInVancouverBC
  20. Awesome Dude
  21. sven prins
  22. Hendrik Hendrikson
  23. Bustamart187
  24. Cupko Stojadin
  25. eMPeRoR YT