Funny Illustrations With 3D Art Illusion On Paper Bring Cartoons To Life (Part 2)


In this episode we look at funny illustrations with 3d art illusion on paper bring cartoons to life (Part 2). Danish artist, HuskMitNavn, has taken his playful black-and-white drawings of things as simple as opening a can of food, or as frustrating as running out of toilet paper, and brought them to life as incredible pieces of 3D cartoons on one sheet of paper. The artist merges the 2D and 3D worlds by folding or tweaking the paper in such a way, that it sees these lively cartoons literally jump off the page. In fact, we like HuskMitNavn’s drawings so much, that we urge you to check out his Instagram and Tumblr accounts! Remember to share in the comment section how you like the creativity of this awesome artist.

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