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The Top 5 most viewed auditions from X Factor Georgia… from talented teens to stunning acoustic covers!

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  1. -S1mple-
  2. Igor Gabriel
  3. gurgenidze
  4. Luka Tikishvili
  6. nino chitidze
  7. nino chitidze
  8. JhowFeijó Channel
  9. Anna Chaid
  10. MikeEgypte
  11. Waqas Alam
  12. Thisworld Cantunderstandit
  13. Realistic Chickens
  14. Zoey F
  15. Ani bibiladze
  16. Jon Chan
  17. Celso Custodio
  18. Celso Custodio
  19. Leon Mcgrath
  20. Jennifer Ikechukwu