Kittens Help Save Their Tiniest Brother from Another Mother with Cuddles


Kittens Help Save Their Tiniest Brother from Another Mother with Cuddles

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β–ΊAudio by Scott Leffler:

Kelvin the kitten was brought in to a local shelter in Orlando, Florida for a second chance at life.

Meanwhile, five other kittens from two separate litters were found and taken to the shelter, Pet Alliance Greater Orlando. They were about three weeks old. Just like Kelvin, they were in need of a mom and a foster home.

The shelter reached out to their volunteers and asked if anyone could foster the kittens along with a surrogate mom, Joule, who had recently finished raising her own kittens and still had milk left. Lisa Krakosky saw the plea and stepped up to help.

“Kelvin was brought to the shelter with another kitten that unfortunately did not make it,” Lisa told Love Meow. He weighed just 3.8 ounces (108 grams), very tiny for his age.

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