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Animals for Kids – Learn Animals for Children with Sounds – Learning Cats, Dogs, Ducks, Monkeys, Frogs, Lions, Sheep & Shark. Animal Sounds Kids Video.
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Animals with Sounds in this video:
Dog – Woof – Dogs
Cat – Meow – Cats – Kitten
Cow – Moo – Cows – Bull
Horse – Neigh – Horses
Pig – Oink – Pigs
Monkey – Five Little Monkeys
Chicken – Cluck – Eggs
Bird – Tweet – Birds
Lion – Roar – Lions
Elephant – Elephants
Duck – Five Little Ducks
Whale – Whales – blue whale
Frog – Five Little Speckled Frogs
Sheep – Baa Baa Black Sheep
Wolf – Howl
Dolphin – Baby Shark
Bear – Growl – Bears
Owl – Owls
Guinea Pig – Pet
Turkey – Farm – Old MacDonald had a Farm
Rattlesnake – Rattle – Toy

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