Netflix Calls Out Users’ Weird AF Viewing Habits


Netflix recently conducted its annual Year in Review to assess the viewing habits of users, and this year they’ve gathered some pretty interesting results. Rather than taking the route of Spotify and creating a personalized, interactive year in review, Netflix simply took to Twitter to fire shots at the 53 weirdos who watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days.

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  1. Joshua Gipson
  2. Yoruba Aburoy
  3. sophie bridgers
  4. SavageBlaze
  5. Alma Pineda
  6. Toronto Raptors the real mvps
  7. sxintleo
  8. Blue The Cat
  9. Squid Ward
  10. Samuel Esparza
  11. Woah
  12. Leroy Jones
  13. Outsider
  14. PowdaToastFace Killah
  15. mdot Artist
  16. Edd MxZ
  17. Shaun Nguyen
  18. Nyasha Dhliwayo
  19. Arturo rivas
  20. Shemar Williams
  21. Natalie C
  22. Christian Bernard
  23. Shayne McCory
  24. Shayne McCory
  25. Rodolfo Leyva
  26. Demarc Ramanand
  27. Redline
  28. iFM
  29. Glisto Rice
  30. Bert Jete
  31. madhash83
  32. Kid Divine
  33. Ivan W
  34. Samed de Haan
  35. jeff loving
  36. Beezy Talking Shit