New EPIC Th11 Hybrid Trophy Base With REPLAYS (Untouchable Inferno Towers) – Anti-Lavloon & Air Raid

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New epic th11 base remade from a popular th11 design, removing the dead zones. This awesome base has separated inferno towers that are very difficult to get to. Funneling for air attacks with loons and lava hounds are very difficult and leads loons straight into wiz towers and traps.

The new best base for this town hall! It can be used for war, trophies or hybrid/farming. Its been proven to work through testing in replays, for war and trophy pushing. One of the best defence layouts/setups for this TH. Designed to counter all the meta army compositions.

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Examples: Anti-bowler, anti-valk, anti-gowipe, anti-giant heal, anti-miner, anti-1 star, anti-2 star, anti-3 star, anti-drag, anti-hog, and anti-hybrid attacks.

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