Speedpaint || Sunflower Child (Commission for Dreanix ) ||


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Hello, it’s TheStylishwolf Here 🙂
Unfortunately, school is starting next Tuesday, 18/07 (Deal with it, I go by day/month/year huehue) which means slight inactivity. Still expect some posts from me however!

This is a commission for Dreanix! Her character is awesome, and you should go check out her speedpaints + cute videos~

AJ Amino Username: TheStylishWolf
Link: http://aminoapps.com/page/jam-on/5975838/thestylishwolf


♡ Q U I C K I N F O ♡

– T A B L E T – Wacom Intuos Art
– P R O G R A M – Paint-Tool SAI
– M U S I C – Snail’s House & Moe Shop – Pastel
– T I M E T A K E N – 4 Hours (I’m a snaillll)


♡ A R T S T A T U S ♡
Everything closed at the moment, sorry 🙁


♡ D I S C L A I M E R ♡

Please, DO NOT Trace/Copy/Re-upload my videos and artwork! That is considered ART THEFT, which is something that is not taken lightly. If I catch you stealing art I will politely ask you to take the art down and we’ll forget this ever happened. If you don’t take it down despite being told, you will be reported.

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