Tech Gifts For Mom, USB Type C Dock: Dell TB16 vs Kensington SD4600P, QoS, Dumbest WiFi Boost Ever

7 Tech Gifts For Mom Under $100, USB Type C Dock: Dell TB16 vs Kensington SD4600P, QoS, Dumbest WiFi Speed Boost Ever
0:25 – Simple Things Can Make WiFi Suck
What quick fix did Patrick do to take a desktop PC from 10Mb/s to 100 Mb/s downloads? Watch the video to find out!

2:25 – Tech Gifts For Mom
Mother’s day is almost here, so we’ve got some gifts for Mom for you! Find you why we think the Echo Dot 2nd Gen, Belkin’s Wemo Mini Smart Plug, UE’s Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker, Carved’s Wooden iPhone / Android Case, Roku’s Premiere, and the FitBit Flex 2 are Mom worthy (along with a few more picks!) in the video!

12:12 – USB Type C Laptop Docks
Plug in one cable and your laptop gets power video, data, keyboards… sounds so simple. Did either Dell’s TB16 or Kensington’s SD4600P deliver?

24:40 – QoS & Lag & Routers
Last week Shannon upgraded to the Arris 6190 modem. Yes, upgrading did, in fact, fix the issues with the Internet, but some folks commented or asked about QoS. We talk Quality of Service in the video! 

29:04 – FAA Battery Update
Ron sent in an email about the battery equation for calculating mAh to Wh… it turns out that calculation is based on input value for the lithium ion batteries, not the 5V output. And then things get weird. Watch the video to find out why!

Do Something Analog
…like Patrick did this weekend: CHANGE YOUR PADS AND BLEED YOUR BRAKES!!!
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