Top 100 Most Iconic Songs of the 80’s


Today we look at the most Iconic songs of the 80’s

I did WEEKS of research looking at a bunch of different countdowns and charts to get the Top 100 Most Iconic Songs of All-Time and then one for every decade from the 1960’s-2010’s. All of these rankings were done to the best of my ability and I think do a great job of covering ever decades most iconic songs.

Hope everyone enjoys this and if they have any questions of comments about the rankings please feel free to respectfully leave it in the comments.

Next Friday we look at the Top 100 Most Iconic Songs of the 90’s

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Mark Oswalt

  1. Mark Oswalt
  2. my friend calls me green
  3. The assorted channel
  4. Nathan Melander
  5. Kristen Ivey
  6. Wade Ray
  7. Slap Of Reality
  8. GretaTheDinoPlays
  9. Maximillion Devlin
  10. Tre Leslie
  11. Paul Marsh
  12. Juliiaaa TW
  13. Ned Duffy
  14. Adrianna Dunning
  15. Jasmin Gandara
  16. Alicia Jackson
  17. Satori Wilson
  18. Jackson Sloane
  19. Calvin Jacks
  20. John Don Mollasgo
  21. Vert Xavier
  22. Pulse666 Fang
  23. Ryan Harris
  24. Ryan Anderson
  25. Ryan Anderson
  26. Darrien Sira
  27. Ahmet Türkmen
  28. Jawf94
  29. Sheila Miller
  30. berrlett
  31. Cp3jordan95