10 Animals You Didn’t Know Are Almost Extinct


10 Animals You Didn’t Know Are Almost Extinct
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Endangered Species! I know, you don’t believe me, but you’re not as smart as me so take a seat and just try and understand. Not all endangered species are bullshit, some really are in trouble and they need our help after we decimated them. But you know who doesn’t need our help? Canadian Geese. It was hard to track down a straight answer but they seemed to have at at least one point in time been on the endangered species list. They were nowhere near extinct, if you’re from the north, you know what I’m talking about. These, however, actually need our help. These are the top 10 Most endangered species.

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Featured Animals:
10. Giant Panda
9. Siamese Crocodile
8. Siberian Tigers
7. California Condor
6. Mountain Gorilla
5. Black Rhino
4. Hawaiian Crow
3. Fin Whales
2. Okapi
1. Amur Leopard

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