10 Beauty Trends That Prove People Have Run Out Of Ideas


10 Most amazing beauty trends that have actually trended online!
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Beauty trends come and go. Some of them are so great that they change our routines forever and some are so weird that we wish they would leave sooner rather than later. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Beauty Trends That Prove People Have Run Out of Ideas.

Just take a look at the pom pom finger nail trend. Who would think to put pom poms on their nails? It’s just ridiculous. They are so large that there is no way that the pom poms wouldn’t get in the way of almost everything that you try to do.

Glitter tears are another trend that makes absolutely no sense. So, why are beauty influencers trying to convince people to paint tears on their faces with glitter? We don’t mind people showing emotion, but its a little strange to put fake tears on your face if you arent actually sad.

Lollipop lips are another trend that we wish would just go away. Smudging lipstick on your lips used to be seen as a bad thing. But because of this trend, people are actually working hard to make their lipstick look smudged. The whole thing seems a little backward. If you really want your lips to look like you just ate a lollipop, why not just eat a lollipop?

Whether it’s succulent nails, unicorn horn hair, or neck contouring, there are several trends that just make it seem like everyone has given up. Stay tuned to 10 Beauty Trends That Prove People Have Run Out of Ideas to find out what booty trend is taking the internet by storm!
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