10 MOST Embarrassing On Stage Moments EVER


10 Celebs and their most awkward on stage moments!
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We’ve all had an embarrassing moment or two in our lives. Whether we’ve fallen down in front of strangers or made a fool out of ourselves in front of friends, the embarrassment can sometimes be humiliating! But can you imagine having that same humiliating moment occur in front of hundreds of thousands of people?
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  1. Let'z Battle
  2. Donte Slocum
  3. HeyItz Maya
  4. redninjadragon 1
  5. Doodle Bug
  6. Isaiah Stilwater
  7. Aileen Jimenez
  8. Happy Duffs
  9. George Boseah
  10. amine frankshtine010
  11. Trevor Ó Clochartaigh
  12. The Ox.
  13. katifah leonty
  14. Erica Greene
  15. Cassandra Morales
  16. Cheyenne Nicole
  17. valentina bieber
  18. Tessa Cowley
  19. Abby Calderon
  20. GalacticaGaming 345
  21. Bytch Where
  22. Sallie Jones
  23. Tashika Singh
  24. Chris Sager
  25. don't mock me I'm your Dad
  26. don't mock me I'm your Dad
  27. Diva Castillo herrera
  28. Rosayyy Ray
  29. samanddeanfan2009
  30. Speculational
  31. Jannique Ruthven
  32. Sue D
  33. Obsera BELAY
  34. Gayatri Rajan
  35. DANA C
  36. Isabella Wygand
  37. Valyn Pattengale