10 Most Popular Toys In Different Countries


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Do you know that LEGO was originally created in Denmark in 1932? And that China has this awesome Yo-Yo called Diabolo? And that Japan’s Hello Kitty was first introduced on a vinyl coin purse? Here are 10 more popular childhood toys from different countries around the world!

Hello Kitty is a beloved Japanese toy that’s been around since 1974. The toy became so popular it became one of the most well-known toys around the world just four years after its launch! You can find Hello Kitty-themed everything – accessories, clothing, and even cafes!

One of the most popular toys in the USA are the American Girl Dolls, which is created by Mattel, the same company that produces Barbie dolls. American Girl Dolls bring creativity and are on a mission to unleash young girls’ full potential by making them realize they can do anything they set their minds to. American Girl Dolls give voices to a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds and have inspiring characters with stories that make a difference.

Because childhood toys became so advanced and are so easy to throw away and forget about, Italian toymakers had a different idea. They created paint-free cars, made from high-quality and long-lasting wood that can be passed on through generations. The company believes that “playing is a serious matter.” They created popular toys that not only last for a long time but have a distinctive sweet smell that takes you back to your childhood!

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