10 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Caught on Camera


10 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Caught on Camera

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Fact: We know more about outer space than we do about the deep sea. Mostly because of the inherent
difficulty in exploring the depths of the oceans, and partly because we’re extremely terrified of what’s
down there. Today we will be looking at 10 mysterious deep sea creatures caught on camera. Number
one is said to be a real life sea serpent so watch out for it!

Number 10. The Barreleye Fish
The deep sea is a mysterious place, home to even more mysterious creatures, and the barrel eye fish is
definitely one of them.
How mysterious? Let’s just say that all that we know about this deep sea dweller is based on
speculation. This fish has a transparent head. Inside that head are two sensitive barrel-shaped eyes
which are most frequently pointed upwards, allowing the fish to see silhouettes of its prey. As for the
clear head, scientists think this feature may simply allow the fish to collect just a little more light, which
may give this strange animal a bit more of an advantage over its competition.
The barreleye fish wasn't even known to humans until 1939, when it was pulled from its habitat 762
meters below the surface. Even then, the specimens were less than ideal because they collapsed in the
pressure changes from deep to shallow.
Now that researchers have access to deep-diving remotely operated vehicles equipped with lights and
cameras that can withstand the pressure, they're able to observe the barreleye more closely. Yet this
odd fish still holds many secrets, leaving scientists puzzling over its lifecycle and reproduction patterns.

Number 9. The Black Seadevil

The problem about deep sea creatures is, well, obviously, you almost never get a chance to see them. It
is very rare for any of these creatures get their chance in the spotlight. But back in late 2014, one of
these creatures, namely the black sea devil, got its chance to be in the lime light.
A team using a remotely operated vehicle in the Monterey Bay Canyon spied this 3.5-inch-long black sea
devil about 1,900 feet deep. The scientists were then able to bring her up to the surface alive—no mean
feat—and have been monitoring the fish ever since.
Now, let me first explain just how difficult it is to keep a deep sea fish alive when you bring it to the
surface. Due to the difference in pressure, almost all deep sea creatures don’t survive and turn into
mush when being brought to the surface.
This extraordinary achievement naturally has got scientists very excited. This fish has always been
shrouded in mystery, and you know what the fish scientists planned to study first? It is how the fish uses
its dorsal fin to swim. Always start with the basics I guess.

Number 8. Bloodybelly Comb Jelly

When it comes to most deep sea creatures, filming them in their natural habitat, although very difficult,
at least isn’t impossible. Modern submersibles come equipped with super powerful lights, able to
illuminate even the darkness of the deepest depths. The problem is, videos taken at this depth isn’t
really accurate as most light wavelengths aren’t visible down there. And because of that, the next
animal on our list becomes virtually invisible in its natural environment.
The bloodybelly comb jelly lives at depths ranging from 984 to 3,320 feet, and at those depths all red
light gets filtered out, rendering this amazing creature almost invisible to the naked eye. Even its
glowing red belly is invisible, enabling it to go undetected by both prey and predator alike. It is
speculated that one of the reasons why the bloodybelly comb jelly’s belly glows red may be to conceal
the prey it is digesting. For if a predator were to come along, the reflections of the jelly’s own light
would otherwise reveal his location and identity, making for an easy target. But of course, all of that is
pure speculation. Like with all deep sea dwellers, little is known about this mysterious creature.

Number 7. The Giant Squid

The giant squid remains largely a mystery to scientists despite being the biggest invertebrate on Earth.
The largest of these elusive giants ever found measured 59 feet in length and weighed nearly a ton.

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