10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed!


10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed!

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10 Mythical Sea Creatures
Who doesn’t love a good bed time story? The thing is, if any of these monsters we are about to tell you
about are in the story, I guarantee they would occupy your nightmares. Today, we will be looking at 10
Mythical sea creatures. Number one is the granddaddy of them all so make sure you stick till the end.

Number 10. The Cirein Croin
Let’s start this list off with a sea monster that, if you aren’t Scottish, you’ve probably never heard off
before. In Scotland, this monstrous sea creature is known as the Cirein Croin, and it reportedly loves to
terrify its victims before gobbling them up in a single bite.
It has been described as a water dragon or sea serpent type of creature, of a humongous size and an
even bigger appetite. Local legends state that this animal is so voracious that it can consume up to seven
whales in one sitting.

it uses its shape shifting ability to transform itself into a smaller fish, usually silver in color, small enough
to fit into the palm of your hand. It’s not really known why such a large, ferocious monster would go out
of its way to camouflage itself as something infinitely more valuable but I personally think that it’s the
creature’s hunting strategy. If, in its tiny form, is caught by any unsuspecting fisherman, it would
suddenly transform back into its original terrifying state and swallow the fisherman whole.

Number 9. The Jengu
To put it simply, the Jengu is the African version of the mermaid. They are described as nearly identical
to the more popular merfolk, with a few slight differences. They are said to have dark skin, have long
wooly hair, and wide, gap-toothed smiles. They are also said to be very fond of wearing jewelry, that is if
they don’t hamper their swimming, obviously.
They are further differentiated from mermaids by how they are perceived by locals. They live in rivers
and the sea and are said to bring good fortune to those who worship them. They are also reported to be
able to cure disease and act as intermediaries between worshippers and the world of spirits. For this
reason, a jengu cult has long enjoyed popularity among the Duala peoples. Among the Bakweri, this cult
is also an important part of a young girl´s rite of passage into adulthood.

Number 8. The Kappa
From Africa we now fly over to Japan where exists a sea creature who was formerly feared, but is now
celebrated in pop culture.
The Kappa is a water imp that was known to inhabit bodies of water in Japan. This terrible creature was
known to have a humanoid body, with superhuman strength and terrifying speed. They were known to
wait by the edges of water, and sometimes in bathroom toilets, for victims to come by. At this time, they
would pull their victims into the water and drown them in order to steal their shiri, a person’s life force.

Women were sometimes able to survive a kappa attack, but they would often be sexually assaulted by
the beasts because the Kappa gained sexual pleasure from being able to touch the shiri.
But in modern times, that fear has greatly dissipated, and the fearsome kappa has been turned into a
local mascot. The Kappa Matsuri is a Japanese festival in honor of the mythical Kappa. It is held during
summer, usually involving parades of people dressing up like the kappa and is celebrated in various parts
of Japan that include Tokyo, Ushiku, Komaki, and Misawa.

Number 7. The Leviathan
One of the most famous sea monsters was brought to the forefront by Christianity. This monster is
Leviathan; one of the first creatures to be created by God. Leviathan started out as a gentle creature
that was content to roam the seas with its partner. Soon, however, it was corrupted and became a
creature that loved to cause chaos and destruction.
In order to save the world, God was forced to destroy the female Leviathan so that they could not
reproduce. The male Leviathan was left for the time to roam the oceans and cause mayhem. He was
known to have many dragon-like abilities and to be impossible to kill. This combination made him the
most feared monster in history. He was known to delight in causing the water around him to boil at
intense temperatures – causing the skin of sailors to melt slowly and painfully. It was thought that to see

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