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In our childhood we were taught of specific types of animals like Tiger, Lion, Elephant etc

But there are also many cross-bred animals that exist

Here are 11 such cross-bred that will keep you thinking

1.Wholphin- Hybrid of whale with dolphin

2.Narluga- Hybrid of Narwhals and Belugas

3.Leopon- Hybrid of male leopards with female lions

4.Liger- Hybrid of male lion with female tiger

5.Tigon- Hybrid of male tiger with female lion

6.Jaglion- Hybrid of male jaguar with female lion

7.Savannah Cat- Hybrid of domestic cat and Serval

8.Grolar Bear- Hybrid of Brown Bear and Polar Bears

9.Beefalo- Hybrid of buffalo and cow

10.Coywolf- Hybrid of coyote and wolf

Zonkey- Mixed breed of Zebra and donkey

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