13+ DOMINUS DESIGNS – Decal / Wheel Builds – Community Cars


Decided to not do cinematic showcases of these ones, since I’d rather show off more designs than usual. Head over to https://reddit.com/r/RLFashionAdvice to join the community! All the best.
– Mozz

You can find me right here: https://twitter.com/rlcardesigns


Timestamps of the different cars:
1) 0:09 – Burnt Sienna Afterlife, Orange Revenant
2) 0:22 – White MDGA, White Lobo
3) 0:48 – White Suji, White Zomba
4) 1:02 – Orange RLCS, Forest Green Apex
5) 1:15 – Cobalt Suji, Cobalt Chakram
6) 1:41 – Black Afterlife, Burnt Sienna Clockwork
7) 1:54 – Black RLCS, White Chakram
8) 2:07 – Orange Suji, Goldstone (Alpha)
9) 2:20 – Forest Green RLCS, CHAKRAM
10) 2:34 – Parallax, Lime Zomba
11) 2:46 – Arcana, SLK
12) 3:00 – Lime RLCS, Lime Discotheque, Zomba

Made a silly mistake on number 9 in the video. Wrote it down wrong on my spreadsheet – it’s of course regular Chakrams.

For some reason, my game has this little glitchy bug primarily to the front left of the car in the menu/garage. It’s kind of weird. On highest settings as well. Wanted to get the video out anyway. I hope it doesn’t distract.


The Community Cars Series:

“Community Cars” features a showcase of car designs created by the Rocket League community on Reddit. In each episode, I aim towards having cars that are budget-friendly, expensive, bright, and minimalistic – so that everyone finds inspiration to cars within their respective taste.

Visit /r/RLFashionAdvice to participate in the sharing and appreciation of Rocket League car designs:


Channel Artwork by P3rspective:
STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/p3rspective
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/the_p3rspective/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheP3rspective


Song provided by Heroboard:
‘FREI – Moody’


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