13 gay celebrity couples in hollywood Who Are Too Cute To Handle


13 gay celebrity couples in hollywood Who Are Too Cute To Handle
Gay Celebrity Couples Who Got Married _ Famous Gay Couples in hollywood Who Are Engaged or Married
They’re here, they’re queer and they’re cute AF. Can somebody tell me how gay-bashers still exist when there are couples and families as cute as the ones on this list? Prrrlease. These celebrity gay couples are so adorable.

We have a real mix of adorbs guys here. We have the couples that have been together for years and years, who all couples, gay or straight, can admire. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the young hotties. Not forgetting, the super cute families that have adopted super cute children and are just living their super cute lives together.

To these awesome stars, we thank you for making your love visible. We thank you for bringing attention to LGBTQ civil rights. We need more of you in the world. And we think your love stories are too sweet!
Ten famous gay couples in Hollywood


  1. Marlon Wallace
  2. Wayne C
  3. Liz Ben
  4. Andre Jules
  5. Kevin Rolon
  6. Chris Bennett
  7. Astried Yunita Hair
  8. Liz Ben
  9. Funganay Saliwan
  10. Anthony Everly
  11. Diego Simon
  12. Linda Ezeh
  13. Nina Hallén
  14. Kien Le Trung
  15. MusicManMichaelDavis
  16. Beauty Angel
  17. Josh Weaver
  18. JohnRobert Schoen
  19. Kurt Anderson
  20. Ranjini Sengupta
  21. Chris Kiser
  22. Camron Cordell
  23. Joel Bing
  24. Mahaveersinh Jadeja
  25. Taneya taneya
  26. Taneya taneya
  27. BobEckert56
  28. Art Stricklen
  29. rtpom M
  30. cocoa
  31. Ken Grassa
  32. Cheesus Crust
  33. Tbiz s
  34. lonemale mcphee
  35. Black Beauty Speaks
  36. petebacon
  37. IKDL