15 Celebrities Who Came Out This Year


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Although society has become more accepting, it still takes guts to share personal details about your sexuality. It’s hard enough as it is, but imagine coming out to millions of people. It takes an insane amount of courage, which is why we are celebrating these 15 Celebrities who came out this year.

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Clevver News

  1. Panic! At The Disco beebo
  2. antigoniem06
  3. Almeater Marcil
  4. Idunn Regine
  5. endtimes revelations: 14
  6. heykymani
  7. Butter 1532
  8. Y2K Savior
  9. Christopher Harper
  10. Tiana Geathers
  11. It's just me
  12. QTTV
  13. tmroadrunner
  14. katie_000001
  15. Albert Delagheto
  16. Snokuthemba Mkhize
  17. Jordan Brown
  18. Jordan Brown
  19. Angelo Angelo
  20. John Williams
  21. Matshadi Mogoaladi
  22. Teresa Fultz
  23. Way Back
  24. kidy alex
  25. Wolfie Demøn
  26. Letty latasha Gonzalez
  27. moash erhudf
  28. Leandra Benjamin
  29. m. jackson
  30. m. jackson
  31. candy cane
  32. Mister Movie
  33. Charles Smith
  34. Imane Kaouti
  35. Shannon Curtis
  36. Cynthia Flores