25 Celebrity DEATHS We Still Can’t Believe Are True


The celebrity deaths found on today’s video rocked us to the core. Their passing is was and is so sad that we still find it hard to believe that they are gone. Their voices, acting, and overall talents have forever gone silent. We wish it wasn’t so. In collaboration with Today I Found Out, we present to you 25 celebrity deaths we still can’t believe are true.

We form odd relationships with celebrities. We can’t say we know them personally and yet, to some degree, we do know them because we connect with them through their art. However, when the time comes for them to check out of this world, they leave behind heartbroken fans. Check out the celebrities that have passed away recently (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which of these celebrities you miss the most:


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It’s hard to believe that certain celebrities are gone. Take Anton Yelchin for example. He was a rising star and was known for his role in Star Trek. But due to a horrible accident, he is now deceased. Then there’s Alan Rickman. You might know him as Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movies. He was 69 years old when Cancer took him from us. Cancer also took David Bowie from us also at the age of 69. We miss these and other celebrities who in all sense should still be with us. These are 25 celebrities deaths we still can’t believe are true.

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Special Thanks to Simon Whistler over at Today I Found Out – https://www.youtube.com/user/TodayIFoundOut . For collaborating with us on this video ☺.


  1. Erline Destine
  2. Huda Jamal
  3. T Howell
  4. Audrey Murray
  5. Angela Shrope
  6. Cheyenne Hayden
  7. West Coast Emerald Bull
  8. scarletfluerr
  9. Emppu T.
  10. Jamie Clark
  11. Roger Balcer
  12. Ignatz Toecheese
  13. Andy Potts
  14. Noreen
  15. Kelly S
  16. Neigh Slayer
  17. ismael aubry
  18. Nerdy Bitch In Glasses
  19. james hart
  20. Jason Hanna
  21. David Hardy
  22. Firby V
  23. DGJ P
  24. DGJ P
  25. shockingshanegibson
  26. Lorene W
  27. Patrick S
  28. Notthat Gullible
  29. Quiptipt
  30. LaAttiDah
  31. Siansonea Orande
  32. Duane Shields
  33. Bert Knabe
  34. albrunelle2010
  35. Josh Barnes
  36. tkj6557
  37. Somone Random
  38. klmnwa