5 Next Level Viral Experiments w/ Coca Cola Mentos & Crushing Crunchy Soft Things by Car Experiment


Learn how to take the top 5 best viral experiments to the next level! Shocking reveals, insane results, and hilarious reactions like you have never seen before to crushing crunchy and soft things by car, coca cola vs mentos, and the largest, craziest elephant toothpaste in a hole underground science experiment. Today brothers (not twins) the key bros compete in crazy and satisfying tire crushing competition with Doritos, Snickers, Olay, soap, floral foam, Pepsi and Coke cans, rainbow toothpaste, tide pods, orbeez, glitter slime, and so much more! You will never guess which makes the biggest reaction and most relaxing asmr sounds. Trying and testing these science projects are so much fun! It’s another awesome and amazing viral video in this fun comedy entertainment and life hack tutorial compilation series.
#experiment #cocacola #mentos #tirecrushing #Doritos #Snickers #Olay #Orbeez #trying #elephanttoothpaste #underground
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