50 Most Viewed K Pop Music Videos A Day (February 2018 – Week 3)


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Next weeks chart will be delayed a few days due personal circumstances, expected it to be out Thursday.

This chart is based on how many views (on average) a K Pop music videos receives in a day. The calculation to find the numbers given is (total views/days since release). If a song leaves the chart for more the one week the data for that song is erased meaning upon re-entry the songs data is fresh and given a chance to rise again. There is know a cut off for a song has to have been released a minimum of 3 days to be included in the chart.

Re-entry: A song that was previously on the chart has enter the chart
Hot Entry: A song that has surpassed the 25th place on the first week in the chart
Hot Streak: A song that has shown continuous growth up the chart over the last few weeks

The K Pop Universe

  1. One kookie with salad please Oh and V with mint
  2. One kookie with salad please Oh and V with mint
  4. Alejandro Ortiz
  5. loonathecrunch
  6. Jerry747380
  7. tzulisa twicepink
  9. βΓΞΠT/
  10. 532katerina
  11. Highest Reputation
  12. Sugar
  13. sa Army 7
  14. sa Army 7
  15. Dat Quang
  16. namanna
  17. Putra Turnip
  18. Walter Herrera
  19. lonely너무
  20. Magnolia L. N
  21. Oppa Entertainment
  22. Batuhan Kirlak
  23. Theo Lilbe
  24. Wallflower Wanderer
  25. Egy Rustandi
  26. Stay Pop
  27. AyTee