50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome


The mums in this video and the dad who created it ( https://twitter.com/5ushi ) met online and got together to show the world just how ordinary and fun life with the condition is and how they “Wouldn’t Change a Thing”.

It features a carpool karaoke lip sync in support of World Down Syndrome Day 2018 and features 50 mums and their children singing along to Christina Perri’s multi-platinum selling track, “A Thousand Years”.

The video was originally inspired by Singing Hands – a UK organisation who’s videos have helped many in the group learn Makaton for supporting their children’s communication development.

Makaton is designed to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties using signs, symbols alongside speech.

With thanks to the artist Christina Perri for her support and Singing Hands for the original concept.

You can download the original track here:


Singing Hands YouTube Channel:


Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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  3. Dana Bui
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  11. Katie Carter
  12. Sydney Lawrence
  13. Bunga Burmelli
  14. Aleksandra Rødssæteren
  15. Eva Low
  16. Sonny Jones
  17. Maluue Brohammer
  18. Vanda Vanda 626
  19. CherynM 2007
  20. Alondra Sinai
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  22. Gil Ramirez
  23. Paula Ann Swinhoe
  24. Shayta Katakarnjana
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