8 Hairstyles That Are Damaging Your Hair Badly


It’s not always necessary that weakening of your hair is due to the usage of wrong shampoo/conditioner, persistent dandruff or any other issues. Sometimes, the reason for your damaged, weak or thin hair can also be unwanted hair styling. Damaging hairdos aren’t always easy to spot, tight ponytails to twisted french braid and many other hairstyles could affect your hair’s overall health. Even giving more than necessary heat to your hair for styling can weaken your locks.
1. High Ponytails
You might think that a ponytail is an easy solution to a bad hair day, but you’re absolutely wrong. You are just making it worse by calling it. Continuous use of tight elastic hair ties can damage your hair’s root causing breakage of the hair. If you’re the one who can’t live without this hairstyle, then don’t worry you can simply switch to fabric hair ties.
2. Long Extensions
Getting a long luscious hair look from extensions can be sexy. However, the result can be very harmful to your hair. The clip in extensions can break your hair from the root and leave them weak. So, be careful!
3. Teased Poofs
Who doesn’t want a poofy hair look, even I used to do this hairstyle regularly, but after knowing the impact of this hairdo on my hair, I stopped. Poofy hair may add more fluff and volume to your look but backcombing your hair create knots and tangles that can break the hair easily.
4. Straight Strands
Using iron rods to get straight hair looks can cost you high later for hiring a dermatologist as that heat can burn your locks internally and leave your hair completely dull. So, you can imagine how much an iron rod can cause damage to your hair.
5. Tight Braids
There is no doubt this hairstyle suits on any hair, but you are actually stretching your hair with it. Overusing of this hairdo will wrench the roots that can thin your hair and can lead to follicle damage, split- ends.
6. Wet Hairstyles
Whenever we’re getting late for the office or college, we quickly make a bun or ponytail in wet hair without letting them dry. Agree? But you don’t know how much you’re damaging your hair at that time. When you wet the hair, they become fragile, by making a ponytail or a bun make them weaker and break your hair. Better avoid any hairstyles in wet hair.
7. Braids Near The Hairline
Braids near the hair line look incredibly cute and sexy, but they too are harmful to your strands. As a result, they can cause hair breakage by thinning your hair.
8. Hair Spray
Hairspray is definitely best for hairstyling; it takes less time to complete any hairstyle and keep the hairdos stay for long. But do you know, your hairspray contains a lot of harmful chemicals in it that are not so hair friendly? They damage your hair in huge quantity.
Do less styling, keep it simple and help your hair to maintain its health.
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