Amtrak Train Slams Passengers With Snow – Rhinecliff (New york)


Amtrak Train Slams Passengers With Snow – Rhinecliff (New york) – Full Video (Real time and Slow motion)

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Rhinecliff, New York – Wednesday morning (15th March 2017) Amtrak train sent a wave of snow onto passengers standing on the platform.

The unassuming passengers, stood on the platform as the train arrived. Passengers Nick Colvin and Craig Oleszewski captured the incident on their camera. Oleszewski said it was Amtrak train 236 which was scheduled to arrive at 9:07 AM.

May be the train was moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected.

Video Credits:
Nick Colvin ( )
Craig Oleszewski ( )

Oleszewski’s video (Last (Video 2) in this combined video) is from a farther (bit) distance.

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