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About the app:

A set of 15 animal/funfair themed games and a dress-up activity.

Get top scores in games to earn tickets which can be exchanged for outfits and accessories for your character.

Most games are arcade type, e.g. basketball shootout, obstacle fly-through or blocks stacking and balancing.

In the video we are showing quick gameplay with following mini-games (just check out these silly names…):

Flying Fyodorovs
Tina’s Tower
Fifi’s Fast Food
Froggy Fling
Monkey Pop
Snake Spin
Sparky & Crab
Kaiser Sausage
Grumpy Gorilla
Western Showdown
Junebug’s Journey
Captain Clink
Pavlovs Party

Animated intro created with:

Age range: 5+
Original Appysmarts Score: 86/100
Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

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