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Hi kids….. Let’s enjoy this Cartoon Animals race video. In this animal race game cartoon video for kids we have all the wild animals lined up in cartoon car Lamborghini Asterion. All the race cars are coloured differently for kids to learn colors. First part of this animals racing video we have car race game among zoo animals. We can see the animal fights for the top slot. The wild animals or Zoo animals featuring in this racing video for kids are Lion, Tiger, Bear, Cheetah and Gorilla. The tiger will ride a Red color Lamborghini, the lion will ride Blue Color Lamborghini, Gorilla take care of an orange Lamborghini, Cheetah takes green Lamborghini and the Bear will ride on pink Lamborghini. The cars will be decorated with colors for kids. This cartoon video will help the children to learn colors easily. Animal names for baby and animal sounds for baby.

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Along with the Animals racing for kids, Children can learn wild animals and its sounds. Kids can learn colors in this kids learning video.
Unlike our previous animal race game cartoon videos where we found the fastest animal in the world, in this cartoon race video we can find the smartest animal.
These animals are also some of the fastest animal in the world. But in this cartoon car video we can see the fastest driving animal.
More racing videos are coming up.

Along with the animal race we can also learn the animal names and sounds.
This video has 2 parts, initially car race will be held in an open arena. All the wild animals fight it out to become the fastest animal in the world. In this intense car racing game only one can become the fastest animal in the world. But we have decided to award top 3 zoo animals.
Second part of the video features white cats sliding downstream to a swimming pool. As usual Superhero Batman will command each of the animals to slide in a giant water slide. Each slide will be in different color for kids to watch and learn. As soon as Batman press the button the cats will jump down the water slide and jump in the corresponding color swimming pool.
Domestic funny cats wade through the colourful kids swimming pool. When funny cats jump out of swimming pool they will be immersed in corresponding color. We have five colors used in this version they are Pink Color, Red color, blue color, yellow color and green color. At the end of the video we will have colourful funny cats. Children love giant water slides, and they will enjoy if the water slides are colourful. That’s the reason we have included colourful water slides. We do have colourful swimming pool for each cat.
Learning Wild Animals Names and Sounds for baby, let’s learn with fun. Watch this funny video and have fun learning the names of wild and zoo animals with their real sounds.
If you’re looking for fun, entertaining and educational videos for kids and pre-schoolers, you are at the right place.
Cats have a very special place in our hearts, hence these domestic cats will enthral the children.
Our videos will have a mix of Real and cartoon animals for learning Animals Names and Sounds for kids.
We hope that you and your child will enjoy wild animals or zoo animals. Along with the wild and domestic animals we will have Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs playing in the background. We are sure that learning zoo Animals Names and Sounds for babies will be easier.
Let our children learn the sounds of animals.
Babies can learn wild animal names by this 3D rhymes video

Zoo Animals Sounds for Children;
Tiger sound – Tiger Roaring, Tiger Snarling, Tiger Growling
Lion sound – Lion Roaring, Lion Snarling, Lion Growling
Cheetah sound – Cheetah Chirping, Cheetah roaring, Cheetah snarling
Gorilla sound – Gorilla roar, Gorilla growl, Gorilla Growling
Bear sound – Bears roar, Bears growl, Bears Growling

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