ANOTHER WEEKLY VLOG | Justin Bieber, Events, Cooking

All the details you need below…

Hope you enjoy week 13 of my weekly vlogs!! I got up to heaps of really fun things and i am so so lucky …. thank you all for allowing me to do the things i love and share my life with you!

I am going to start making a conscious effort of writing all details down in the description box so that you guys know to check here for any information you might have about what I’m wearing and the makeup i use etc etc!!

Love you all dearly,

Sammy xx


Leather jacket: Tommy Hilfiger
T shirt: Assembly:
Shorts: Princess Polly:
Lipstick in wearing: Jeffery Star-

Wednesday: Justin Bieber
Skirt: Zara
Lipstick im wearing: Jeffery Star-

Little black Dress w/ White tee-

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Snapchat- Samrobinson31

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