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Baby Alive Boy Lets Hamster Escape! Baby Alive Luke came to play at baby alive Molly and Daisy’s house. But when baby alive Molly goes to feed her hamster, Cupcake is missing! Baby Alive Molly is so sad because she thinks her hamster is lost forever until Super Snackin’ Luke tells baby alive Molly that he let Cupcake out! But why did baby alive Luke let Cupcake out her cage? Watch this Toy Heroes video to find out!

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Welcome to TheToyHeroes, a YouTube Channel featuring doll videos, toys, and videos for kids. We take boring days and turn them into fun play! We encourage kids to use their imaginations, make believe, and have fun! Mr. Rogers said “Playing is the work of childhood.” Come along and play with Baby Alive, Frozen Anna And Elsa (Frozen toys!), Barbie, and Play-Doh. Watch a funny kid’s video featuring our toy superheroes, Toy Hero Laura and Toy Hero Dan. We feature toys from Hasbro, Mattel, etc. Here you will find fun kids videos! Thanks for stopping by! You have made our day as bright as the sun for watching our channel! We hope we put some sunshine in your day too!

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