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Baby Kitten’s Fun Healthy Checkups | Little Panda Doctor | Kids Role Play | Kids Song | BabyBus

“MIMI’s Mom When the kid inside finishes the checkup,
we will go in.
TIMI Alright…
MOMO Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~
TIMI Huh! What’s happening in there?
TIMI(imagine what’s like in the office) MOMO Ah!!!
TIMI (shaking his head) Mom! I’m really scared.
MIMI’s Mom Don’t worry.
Checkups are not scary at all.
Let’s go in~!
KIKI (Hello, I’m a stethoscope.
Let me listen to your heart!)
That tickles! (laugh)
KIKI It’s so fun, isn’t it?
TIMI Yes,it is fun!!
KIKITIMIMIMI’s Mom (laugh)
KIKI Good. Let me hear one more time.

“MIUMIU It’s time to check your throat.
TIMI OK. Is that an ice cream stick?
MIUMIU (laughing) It looks like one, doesn’t it?
Actually, it’s a little wider.
This is a tongue depressor.”

“TIMI (loudly) Ah~
MIUMIU (laugh)
TIMI (laugh) Ah~
MIUMIU Good! Your throat is just fine.
KIKI (nodding) Um!
KIKI The checkup is done.
You are so healthy.
MIMI’s Mom Thank you, doctor.
TIMI huh? Is it all done?
TIMI (laugh)
I was not scared at all.
The checkup is so fun!
Mommy, when can we come back again?
KIKIMIUMIUTIMIMIMI’s Mom(laugh together)”
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