Bagani: Week 13 Recap – Part 1


Lakas (Enrique Gil) finally reaches Dako Paroon. However, Gaki (Justin Cuyugan) learns about his arrival and assures Ganda (Liza Soberano) that her lover will pay for his audacity. Malaya (Kristine Hermosa), on the other hand, makes an offer to Lakas. Meanwhile, Matadora’s pack sets off to launch their attack against the farm region. The remaining Baganis then lead the warriors of Sansinukob for their imminent battle against evil forces.

The war between the Baganis and Sarimaw’s forces officially begins. Matadora (Aiko Melendez) leads her pack and strikes first, but Liksi (Zaijian Jaranilla) manages to parry her attack using his powers. His shield, however, starts to weaken as his enemies continue their assault. Despite this, the warriors of Sansinukob remain positive that they will emerge victorious in their battle against evil forces.

Liksi’s (Zaijian Jaranilla) strength fades as he continues to safeguard the farming kingdom. Despite this, Matadora’s pack fails to destroy his shield. Infuriated, they resolve to play their trump card against the young Bagani. Elsewhere, Gaki (Justin Cuyugan) falls into Lakas (Enrique Gil) and Malaya’s (Kristine Hermosa) trap. Unknown to the two, they fail to outwit the deity of Dako Paroon for he has still managed to prepare something for the fearless warrior.

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Episode Cast:

Matteo Guidicelli (Lakam) / Makisig Morales (Dumakulem) / Zaijian Jaranilla (Liksi) / Dimples Romana (Babaylan, Gloria) / Rayver Cruz (Kidlat) / Christian Vasquez (Dakim) / Aiko Melendez (Matadora) / Charlie Dizon (Marikit, Halina) / Wacky Kiray (Dagat) / Igi Boy Flores (Ali) / Jeffrey Tam (Mango) / Mark Andaya (Lake) / Thou Reyes (Tong-Tong) / Eslove Briones (Paquito) / Miko Peñaloza (Sarap) / Jojo Riguerra (pirate) / Dwight Gaston (Islaw) / Enzo Pineda (Datu) / Joseph Ison (Bungisngis) / Manuel Chua (Tawong Lipod) / Ricky Rivero (werewolf) / Richard Quan (Undoy) / Eric Tai (Higa) / Robert Seña (Ama) / Lou Veloso (pirate) / Derick Hubalde (trade general) / Giulio di Martile (trader warrior) / Enrique Gil (Lakas) / Kristine Hermosa (Malaya) / Minco Fabregas (Hukluban, Sibulo) / Liza Soberano (Ganda) / Justin Cuyugan (Gaki) / Joonee Gamboa (Koloko) / Rio Locsin (Dandan) / Nanette Inventor (Lolita) / Jun Nayra (Malong)

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