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Happy 4th of July! To celebrate Independence Day, here are the Top 3 most viewed contestants from America’s Got Talent, American Idol and X Factor USA!
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Top Talent

  1. Helga M
  2. Evsger
  3. Craig Fogarty
  4. Teena Yount
  5. Nagen Behera
  6. jeff melendy
  8. MattWyn Beale
  9. Jnthn Pgtkhn
  10. Robert Evers
  11. Robert Evers
  12. {1765} Join, or Ðie
  13. Eri Bear
  14. Consuela Muhammad
  15. victoria taylor
  16. Nona Manlosa
  17. jenissa Morel
  18. Junior Gonzales
  19. i love grace
  20. D Kennedy
  21. Midnight Gameing
  22. Raul Rivera
  23. Nora Gami
  24. Bekim Rexhepi
  25. Wyatt Nejdl
  26. Noah Lawler
  27. Ken H
  28. Kayin Roblox - And More!
  29. An Liz
  30. sweet?/to^/see
  31. skye carroll