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JukinVideo is the major viral video local community channel committed to showcasing the best UGC films from throughout the website. We like films and obtain the very best types to share with you here, from fall short films to ice bucket issues, and soccer tricks to a little one reacting to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse. The JukinVideo workforce scours the website 24/7 to obtain the latest developments and best films. Subscribe to see them very first!

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  1. Valentina Marvel
  2. YogS A.K.A GBx
  3. TomahawkBelligerent
  4. Corwin Russell
  5. do!nk
  6. Dead black guy #742
  7. Don Calabrese
  8. Poo poos
  9. Eduardo Cruz
  10. Siynax
  11. claude sleek
  12. sing germer
  13. sing germer
  14. Rhea Music
  15. Francis Trahan
  16. Galaxy Gaming
  17. Chad Puckett
  18. Marcus Hall
  19. Joy Gear
  20. Barry Obama
  21. JProductions
  22. Rene Sousa
  23. Zaira Arpapelusa Vines
  24. Dominic Reyes
  25. jackthegiraffe
  26. Eli Southurst
  27. DeathDealer
  28. mellow mind
  29. BellinghamsterTrail
  30. I Ish Random
  31. HeadPhones The Pause Button
  32. Paige Mastoloni