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It’s that time of the week again! April’s best videos include hilarious pranks, a grandma that is way too good at arcade games, a half a million penguins on the beach and much more! And we have a secret surprise for you guys to check out at the end!

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Happy Feet:
Bird Stuck:
Coming To Say Hi:
New Talent:
You Got The Coupon?:
Surfer Wipe Out:
Meant To Do That:
Itchy Puppy:
Morning Coffee:
Cheating the Machine:
Tooth Pulling Process:
Classic Prank:
Base Jumping:
Jet Ski In A Pool:
New Ocean Friend: Submission
When You Can’t See:
Python Chilling:
Doing Push Ups:
No Bottle Opener: Submission
Nothing But Net: Submission
Mom Is A Baller:
Fun At the Beach:
On The Way Home:
Yoga In The Morning:
It’s A Boy Truck!:
Morning Walks:
Gravity Sucks: Submission
Reffing In Style:

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