Biggest Water Balloon EVER?! And More Funny Water Videos


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Don’t forget your sunscreen because I know a thing or two about chilling by the pool. No matter what season it is, we all like to think of warm, happy, summer days. And where else would you rather be in the summer than by the pool?! Maybe at the water park, or the slip and slide, or the water slide, or the kiddie pool? You get the picture, there’s just gotta be water! That’s right, these are funny water videos. So today I’m giving you a compilation of some seriously #funnyvideos that are super fun (in the sun!) . This might just be the biggest water balloon EVER?! And more funny water videos.

LIKE this video if you like to have fun in the sun! Check out this giant water balloon pop and more water fun.

Biggest Water Balloon EVER?! And More Funny Water Fails

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