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➔ Game Developer : GameOGlobin
➔ If you want your children to develop better cognitive skills, “Kid’s Vehicle Puzzle” has been specifically designed to fulfill your demand. It brings the most fun and easy to play puzzle game for your child!
“Kid’s Vehicle Puzzle” is basically a car Puzzle. Each level brings a differently shaped car structure with puzzle pieces to be dragged and dropped in their correct place. Difficulty increases with each level. Timing is crucial because you only get a limited time to finish each level. Finish each puzzle in or before the allotted time and move to the next level:).
“Kid’s Vehicle Puzzle” gives your child a sense of achievement whilst giving them a little know-how of cars. The easy and understandable interface will allow your child to use the application even without your help. The purpose and design of this educational game is to develop your child’s mind in such a way that his/her cognitive ability especially recognition and differentiation is stimulated.
Features: Stimulative Art Smooth gameplay Keep young ones and even adults engage Education and color fun in one A must have if you have young kids “Because there is no compromise when it comes to your kids”

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