Casting Replacements That Derailed The Actor’s Career


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Casting is a key ingredient in the secret sauce of great filmmaking. In the best cases, a certain performer filling a certain character’s shoes can turn a part into a franchise-leading phenomenon. But the real magic is in synergy, when several actors click; there’s no X-Files without David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and what would the original Star Wars movies have been without Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford together? But sometimes an actor’s got to go. It’s awful for the would-be star who watches the role end up becoming part of a massive hit while their replacement reaps the rewards — and it’s just as bad for the actors who willfully walk away from the role of a lifetime, never to be heard from again…

The almost King of Gondor | 0:35
The dragons’ other mother | 1:28
Messing with the timeline | 2:25
Mission impossible for this mutant | 3:04
Blown away by Arnold | 4:01
A Tarantino twist in casting | 4:44
Transforming lead actress | 5:35
That’s a negative, Ghost rider! | 6:34

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