Celebrity Names Everyone Mispronounces


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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of finding out your favorite actor or actress is going to be starring in a new film. But as often as we see these stars on-screen, we very rarely hear them say their own names. That can lead to a whole bunch of confusion when it comes to the correct pronunciation of some celebs’ names, and everyone knows how easily the media can pick up on something and even make the incorrect version seem like it should be the right one. So, let’s take a look at some of the celebrity names you might be pronouncing wrong…

The rogue one | 0:29
The one with the sabre tooth | 1:23
The one called Mr. Pink | 2:!4
The one who got nicknamed after a battery | 3:08
The Irish trendsetter | 3:35
The other Emerald Isle enigma | 4:48
The screen queen | 5:35
The one kinda that sounds like a crayon | 6:09
The twist ender | 6:39

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