Celebs Who Live In Modest Homes


Life in a swanky pad is one of the most common perks rich celebrities enjoy. But not all famous folk want to trick out their own private island. At one time, these celebs opted for more modest digs, ditching palatial mansions for everything from Hollywood bungalows to cozy condos.

Kesha may wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, but she certainly doesn’t live like he does. Rather, for a brief time, the “Tik Tok” singer called a 1,400-square-foot “Spanish-style bungalow” in Venice Beach, California, home, according to Popsugar.

Trulia reported that Kesha bought the humble homestead in 2014 for $1.65 million, then sold it a year later for $1.8 million. Though small, the place was apparently cozy with a quote “very romantic and feminine master suite” and French doors that “lead to a secluded backyard, featuring an outdoor fireplace and arbor-covered hot tub.”

“So fun.”

Variety’s Real Estalker blog was less impressed, noting the two bedrooms and bathroom were small. Per the blog, the master bedroom also has a…

“Super-sized picture window that provides an all-encompassing view of the backyard as well as a wide-open view of the bathroom from the backyard.”

A great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors.

Robert Pattinson’s rebound pad

With a net worth of $100 million, actor Robert Pattinson could probably afford to plunk down more than the around $2.1 million he paid for an L.A. lair in late 2014. Boasting just 1,940 square feet, Pattinson’s pad only came with two bedrooms and two baths, according to Real Estalker. Watch the video for more about celebs who live in modest homes!

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Kesha’s beachside bungalow | 0:19
Robert Pattinson’s rebound pad | 1:19
Vincent Kartheiser’s slice of Tinseltown | 2:18
Things have changed for JLaw | 3:38
Christina Ricci’s real estate remorse | 4:51
Pete Wentz’s post-divorce downgrade | 6:03
Deion Sanders’ part-time digs | 6:28
Lea Michele’s two-bedroom cottage | 7:13
Zuckerberg’s private profile | 9:35
John Krasinski’s bachelor pad | 10:40
Chris Daughtry’s kids shared bedrooms | 11:50
Elijah Wood’s quaint home | 12:47

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