Coloring 4 Baby Accessories / Paint Videos for Kids ( Akn Kids House Channel )


AKN Kids House which is created as a Youtube-based preschool Coloring 4 Baby Accessories / Paint Videos for Kids ( Akn Kids House Channel )

channel in 2015 is an online education portal that utilizes innovational technologies in the education of kids by adopting different approaches. It involves instructive contents accepted within the scope of preschool education such as 3D animation, coloring, and similar activities for kindergarten students and babies in the cognitive and physical period. Besides coloring activities focused on enhancing children’s handicraft such as drawing with the marker pen and as color usage, activity videos that enhance children’s cognitive abilities such as classification of fruits and vegetables are available in our AKN Kids House channel.
Apart from these, as AKN Kids House, we are in a position that minding the importance of preschool education. In this direction, we offer 3D coloring contents that support multifunctional thinking skills to children between the ages of 3 and 8 who are the assurance of the future. With video contents we offer, we promise a preschool education experience that aims extensive cognitive and behavioral development of our children. We also prioritize 3D coloring activities that activate their motor learning muscles and develop their 3D thinking abilities. The only thing we focus on is the children development with educational content that widens their horizon with activities such as describing colors, letters, and numbers.

AKN Kids House