Descendants 2 Drops OFFICIAL Trailer & Music Video

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We’ve got the first full trailer for “Descendants 2”, plus check out the music video for the first single off the soundtrack “Ways to be Wicked”…
Descendants 2 doesn’t come out until July 21st, so to hold us over until then Disney just dropped the first trailer AND music video from the movie…

We’ve been anticipating the sequel to Disney’s Descendants for MONTHS now, and while we’ve seen what the cast will look like and heard a few details about the plot, the upcoming film’s first trailer is our first taste of just how awesome Descendants 2 is gonna be. Check it out…
As you can see in the clip, Mal decides that she’s not cut out for the pressures that come with the Royal lifestyle, and so she decides to go back to her roots on the Isle of the Lost. When Ben and the rest of the gang realize she’s gone back, they set out to save her from Ursula’s wicked daughter Uma and her gang of pirates. But when the tables turn and Uma kidnaps Ben, it looks like it’ll be up to Mal to decide whether to save her true love, or go back to the wicked life she once lived.

I am so ready to see what Mal decides, and whether or not she’ll head back to Auradon after all is said and done.

In addition to getting the first trailer, Disney also dropped the full music video for “Ways to be Wicked”, which shows all our favorite villain kids passing out some potion-filled apples to the citizens of Auradon…
I don’t know what’s in those apples but I definitely want one. When asked about shooting the music video, Sofia Carson told E! QUOTE, “We’re all in Auradon except we have now turned Auradon wicked (or have they?)…’Ways to Be Wicked’ was shot at a beautiful castle and Evie’s verse is in this gorgeous classroom with the most incredible dancers.”
Sooo..can it be July 21st already so we can see more?!

Alright guys now it’s time for you to let me know what YOU think of the Descendants 2 trailer and the full music video for “Ways to be Wicked”, so let me hear all your thoughts and opinions in the comments, and after that click here to check out some of the craziest Disney star statements. Thanks so much for tuning in, and be sure to subscribe for more News Feed. I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you guys next time!

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