Diamond Roberto Alomar Debut! New Patch = WEIRDEST Game Ever! MLB The Show 20 Gameplay


Collection Reward 91 DIAMOND Roberto Alomar Debut Gameplay! BRAND NEW Diamond Second Baseman On The Squad With The AL East Reward! More Ranked Seasons Gameplay On Patch 1.05 Trying To Keep The Winning Streak, And World Series Division Hopes Alive!

All My MLB 20 Gameplays! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFo2K24cXEr0iDo2OCOuOlxtyIn22L71M

What’s Going On Guys, Gomes Here Back Again On Another MLB The Show 20 Video! Make Sure To Hit That Sub Button, Daily Videos And Livestreams Of MLB 20 Content Coming So Make Sure To Stay Tuned! #MLBTheShow20 #DiamondDynasty #Baseball

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