Dogs vs Evil Bunnies & Carrot Tornado! Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie


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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie get Pranked by a group of Evil Easter Bunnies and a Carrot Tornado! These cute beagle dogs are enjoying their Easter Sunday when they are surprised with an Easter basket full of candy, bunnies, and other holiday goodies. Their joy turns to terror, however, when emerge three evil bunnies from the basket, looking like they’re straight out of a horror film! Each dog takes on a different bunny, fighting to the finish, quickly vanquishing the threat. Their victory is short-lived, however, when they are then barraged by a carrot tornado prank! Try not to laugh as you watch these funny dogs chase the carrots , which are tied to a ceiling fan, making them go round and round like a carrot tornado! Maymo & Potpie enjoy this ruse out of most of the pranks they endure, however, as it is more of a surprise, because carrots are one of their favorite foods! Watch these cuties chomp on the vegetables happily at the end of the video.

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β€œSecret Surprise” by Spectacles Wallet and Watch
β€œSpare Me Some Change” by Rockin’ for Decades
β€œSpirits of Yesteryear” by Mike Franklyn


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