Ep 8: WIENER DOG PRISON BREAK – Funny Dogs Escaping Jail!


In this video, Crusoe and Oakley the miniature #dachshunds get locked up in jail for a misdewiener crime and then have to find a way to bust themselves out in this cute #prisonbreak episode. You could call it.. Orange is the New Black.. and Tan?! #OITNB

Crusoe and Oakley dachshund get locked up in dog pound prison when they get caught pooping on a doorstep, so they devise ways to escape prison in this funny dog video, such as through the laundry, then trying to muscle their way out, but finally, they do what dachshunds do best, which is DIG their way out!

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

  1. NCN Will
  2. Savagecat 96
  3. Anthony Unkle
  4. Lucas Gamer
  5. Diana bermudez
  6. Paul Higginbotham
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